Lindsay is 26, and is a dining room/bar manager for a corporate restaurant chain. She loves seeing new places, trying new foods, and spending quiet time with people she loves. Lindsay went to college for theatre and archaeology, and she is obviously not doing a thing with any of it. Lindsay often says, "I'm very lucky. I have more than one passion professionally, and so long as I am doing something with one of them I can be content in what I'm doing." Her favorite activities include watching old favorite movies, reading, and playing around on the internet...and occasionally coffee or drinks with friends. Some day, Lindsay would love to open her own restaurant.

Dan is 23, and is the kitchen manager for a small privately-owned restaurant in Kalamazoo. He did theatre for a long time prior to college, and went to school for English with a focus on things like literature and criticism. He also is obviously not doing a thing with his area of study. Dan loves reading culinary magizines and creating new ideas for specials at his restaurant, and he occasionally considers the possibility of going to culinary school, though he hasn't really decided one way or the other. His favorite activities include watching favorite TV shows on DVD, going out to the bar with his friends and co-workers, and reading. Dan and Lindsay often talk about when they open their own restaurant together.

How We Met
Dan and Lindsay both used to spend a lot of time hanging around the On Broadway chatroom on Yahoo!chat in late 1999. Through the room they cultivated a close friendship, and they finally met (while dating other people) in person in July 2000 while at a gathering of online friends (FAnAFAS!) in Naperville, Illinois. In late 2002, after much tribulation, they started dating. The rest is pretty much history. Dan came to join Lindsay at WMU in 2004. They moved in together in 2005. On Lindsay's 25th birthday (July 15th, 2007), while Lindsay was living in Sterling Heights for work, they became officially engaged. Neither can really imagine life without the other, so finally getting married seemed like the best idea, really.